Our Story

Chiliboats was founded by Izabelle and Mateus, two aeronautical engineers who met at the Aeronautics Institute of Technology (ITA) in Brazil. They found a gap in the recreational boats market, for a boat that was lightweight, compact, easy to use and efficient. They began designing in 2007, and today the Chiliboats water bikes represent the very best in terms of performance, functionality, quality and design.


Chiliboats Tandem


Chilid seat support – 2020


Chiliboats Handbike 2019


Bikeboat Up & Rec 2019


Bikeboat Rec 2018


Bikeboat Up 2017-2018


Hydrofoil Waterbike 2016


Bikeboat Rec 2015-2016


Bikeboat Up 2015-2016


Bikeboat Recumbent 2014




Bikeboat Flexible Propeller




Eletric Packboat






Voa Brasil!


RC Airplane

Chiliboats Australia Pacific

Meet Mark and Andrew, the faces behind Chiliboats Australia Pacific.


Mark has been part of the marine and watersports industry for over 30 years. He’s worked on all kinds of vessels from kayaks to cruise ships while encompassing the globe. Mark has had various roles including pearl diver, trawler fisherman and lifeguard. As a watersports instructor he’s taught both motorised and non motorised water sports above and below the waves.

Mark’s dream is to create a new, distinctive water sport in Australia and the Pacific region that gives everyone, greenhorns and old salts alike, the ability to experience the freedom and thrill of being out on the water in a way that is uniquely their own.



Andrew grew up near the Gower Peninsular in Wales with its wonderful beaches, enjoying surfing, windsurfing & waterskiing. Andrew’s career in executive management within the oil and gas industry regrettably took him away, and he travelled the world in various business management and leadership roles.

Arriving in Australia in 2011 with his family, Andrew decided to settle down and make this their forever home, based in Redlands Coast near Brisbane. Andrew’s wife Karen runs Bay Island Water Sports at Raby Bay, Brisbane, and this is where Andrew first came across Chiliboats, sourcing equipment for Karen’s business.


Over the last few years Andrew and Mark have got to know each other very well, establishing a shared vision for the Chiliboats brand. That, along with their mutual shared family and community values, has brought them together in building Chiliboats Australia Pacific.

The blend of Mark’s know-how in all things water sports coupled with Andrew’s business acumen provides a solid foundation for building the Chiliboats brand here in Australia and the Pacifc region.

Andrew and Mark are now sharing their passion for a fun, adventurous and healthy lifestyle on the world’s best water bikes… Chiliboats!

The Chiliboats Family

At Chiliboats Australia Pacific we believe that by providing the world’s best waterbikes we are inspiring positive well being for our riders through a fun, adventurous and healthy lifestyle on and around the water.

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